Lively Science!

Today, Mr. Gray Senior (Mr. Gray’s dad) came into school to teach us about the rainforest and the animals that live in it. He talked to Year 3 about habitats and adaptation, then, spoke to Year 5 about life cycles.

IMG_7928 (1)

Mr. Gray is a herpetologist, which means he works with reptiles and amphibians. He brought in: an Asian Rat Snake, Panther Chameleon, Red Eyed Tree Frog and a Lemur Leaf Frog.


He taught us that 7% of the world is rainforest and that is where all of these animals are from. We also got taught that: Asian Rat Snakes have circular pupils and no ears; Panther Chameleons have prehensile tails; Red Eyed Tree Frogs drink through their skin and that Lemur Leaf Frogs are almost extinct.


We enjoyed our afternoon. As humans we need to help to protect our lovely planet.

Thank you for visiting and teaching us, Mr Gray!

By Evie Robinson, Year 5.



2 thoughts on “Lively Science!

  1. Thank you all for such a lovely welcome and treating the animals with care and respect. It was so good to meet you all. Keep up the good work! Great job with the blog Evie!

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